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In July 1871 the works for the construction of the Pescara Popoli railway line began. Overall, only parts of the railway line were working: first the part from Pescara to Popoli, then up to Sulmona and Molina, and finally up to L’Aquila on 10h May 1875.

After the Second World War, the line was renamed the Gran Sasso arrow, to carry the local communities to the areas around L’Aquila (in Abbruzzi) and Rieti (near Rome).

The intervention involved the restoration of the bridge abutment and of the exposed brick arches which were greatly damaged because of poor maintenance over the years and infiltration of a lot of rainwater and snow, due to the fact that the bridge was located in a mountain area. The construction site set up found great difficulty in receiving the construction materials and equipment which could be done only with the help of small mechanical means or sometimes even only by hand, as the working site had no suitable road connection and the scaffold had to be set up on a steep slope.

All the exposed brickwork was removed, the heavily damaged pieces were replaced and plastered with a proper mortar, prior to all the waterproofing works using specific materials.


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