The history of D'Adiutorio starts from afar, at the beginning of the twentieth century when Luigi used to transport coal on a wooden cart. The activity continued with Giuseppe D'Adiutorio who dealt with the transport of sand and gravel. The first construction company, established in 1957, dealt almost exclusively with earthmoving. He immediately began to operate outside the region, especially in northern Italy, Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia Romagna, but also in Abruzzo, participating in the excavation works of the Campotosto dam and in the construction of Enel's hydroelectric plants. In 1972, the concrete mixing plant of Calcestruzzi Vomano was built on a property just outside Montorio, purchased in an effort to diversify the business activity. Today, this is where the company's headquarters are located. In 1980 Carlo and Luigi joined the company, an event which marked the development of new industrial strategies. Costruzioni D'Adiutorio was founded in 1987. This is when the company started to operate as a group in which the core business is complemented by other divisions which, over the years, have proven to be of crucial importance for the development of the business. Industrial construction, railway construction, restoration, real estate. In the year 2000 the company started operating also abroad, with initiatives that have extended the reach of the Group to Serbia, Brazil and Sierra Leone. Over the years, the company took on a specific structure and in 2005 it became D'Adiutorio Appalti e Costruzioni S.r.l. Industrial buildings for important international brands, bringing to light masterpieces of different eras, the reconstruction of the regions of central Italy affected by the earthquake, the execution of important civil works for the State Railways. Over the years the company has grown and refined its skills, relentlessly investing in know-how and technological innovation, anticipating market needs and requirements and always looking to the future with tenacity and enthusiasm. This is the history of our company. And it is written with the passion, commitment and perseverance of its people.