Riqualificazione ponte Langosco

Novara (NO)

The railway line involved was within the Novara-Seregno line at the Novara Station, with a total development of 368 meters and a slope varying between 17% and 6%. The railway infrastructure had only one electric track.

The stop at Ponte Ticino is near the Langosco canal, in the territory of the Parco del Ticino Piemontese. In this area, the railway line upgrade project foresaw the installation of a curving track, useful for the construction of a new bridge over the Langosco channel, alongside the existing one, which required the construction of a new platform.

The two arches of the bridge were made with different techniques, one with a lower brick arch, the other with a reinforced concrete slab. In the middle, the main span is made of steel wire mesh facing upwards.

So as to carry out the construction of the bridge without interrupting the line during the work, a variant of the railway was studied on the side opposite trunk road 341.

Once the new track had been made and the traffic shifted on it, it was possible to start the work on the current bridge, allowing for a complete doubling of the track once the work was finished.


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