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Koch Palace is the headquarters of the Bank of Italy. The real estate complex consists of four buildings forming a block, each named after the street they face and two of which have the bond of Cultural Heritage Protection, the Serpents Palace and the National Palace. In over a hundred years of existence, Koch Palace has provided political institutions: two presidents of the Republic (Einaudi and Ciampi), two Council Presidents (Ciampi and Dini), one Minister of Budget (Einaudi), three Finance Ministers (Carli, Ciampi and Dini).

The maintenance contract involved ordinary interventions aimed at the control and maintenance of the functionality of all the components (false ceilings, internal and external floors, raised and not, fixtures, Venetian blinds, parapets), and internal renovation work. One of the most important environmental redevelopment projects affected the whole corner of Palazzo Koch, via Nazionale and Via dei Serpenti, with the reorganization of walls and floor plans for the creation of new offices, adding glazed, plasterboard and masonry partitions, and three new restrooms.

Another important environmental upgrading carried out at Palazzo Koch was the one concerning the Sala delle Colonne, a large, nine-meter-high vaulted hall with Corinthian columns, in which glazed partition walls and special soundproof devices were installed and the large external iron fixtures were replaced.

On the other hand, Palazzo Serpenti underwent a complete reconstruction of the entire semi-basement floor, also partly used by the Publishing and Printing service. The remaining part of the floor, which once, and no longer now, had been used for a central air-conditioning unit, was completely renovated and locker rooms, a canteen and restrooms for the use of maintenance companies working in the building was built. Even on a wing of the noble floor of the same building, the conference room of the real estate complex for the creation of administrative offices was dismantled, and, on the opposite wing, existing offices with their relevant restrooms were renovated. Finally, the friezes on the coffered ceiling of the Participants Hall, in which the board presided by the Governor meets, and those on the decorated ceiling of the General Fund Hall, which hosts the media operators, were inspected. On those occasions, important restoration works on the surfaces, decorated with gold leaves or stucco, and the cleaning of stone elements and statues decorating the external courtyards were carried out.


Banca d’Italia
Banca d’Italia
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